Golf Course Land Planning

We are frequently asked to take a lead role in guiding a project from the developer’s initial vision to reality – beginning with the Conceptual Master Planning of the entire project. Our early involvement in a project assures the developer/investor of maximizing the potential of his unique property and helps translate valuable real estate assets into successful business ventures.

With over 200 projects to our credit, internationally, we have been able to design successful projects on virtually all types of terrain and in all climate conditions. Through this extensive, international experience, we have been able to create 100’s of successful projects that reflect the unique, regional character of the culture, economy and local market trends. And, most importantly, create projects that meet and/or exceed potential buyer’s expectations.

Mike Poellot and his team have been involved in the design process of 100’s of golf course development and land planning projects, ranging in size from as little as 60 hectares to large scale developments of over 10,000 hectares. Our team of land planners, golf course architects, architects, interior designers and landscape architects enables us to create an ”integrated design solution” for the entire project providing continuity of theme, and ultimately, a cost-effective design uniquely tailored to each project environment.

We work closely with our clients and seek to understand their objectives for the project. We combine the extensive experience and technical capabilities of a large international firm with the personal service and hands-on attention usually found only in a few smaller boutique design firms. The result of this attention to detail is that we can provide the developer/investor with an imaginative, memorable, site-specific and often, award-winning, golf course design solution for every project.

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