Golf Course Conversion Planning

It is a fact that 100’s of golf courses across America are struggling to remain profitable and many are simply ceasing operations and closing down…..the result of which is a devaluation of contiguous real estate and unsightly views of weed-infested fairways and greens.

With an environmentally-sensitive and professionally conceived “golf course conversion” master plan, it is possible to convert a financial liability into a desirable and sustainable community asset.

Existing homes which were once afforded views of lush fairways and greens, consuming tons of agro chemicals and fertilizers per year, can now be replaced with a nature preserve of lush wildflower meadows, bird and butterfly sanctuaries, riparian habitat for native as well as migratory birds, interlaced with hiking, biking and equestrian trails.

As more and more natural areas are overcome by development, there exists now a unique opportunity to convert 1000’s of acres of non-productive golf course lands to natural areas that will endure for generations to come. And this new community amenity will be appreciated and enjoyed by virtually every homeowner and not just the limited number of residents who enjoy playing the game of golf.

While it is not always necessary to completely eliminate the golf course experience entirely, it is possible to “down-size” the existing golf course to either a 9-hole facility or even a par-3 course which will take on a more desirable character as it is incorporated into it’s new nature preserve environment.

And, in some areas of the country, there may even be state tax credits which can help to mitigate the expense of conversion.

As golf course architects, landscape designers and land planners, J. Michael Poellot Golf Designs is uniquely qualified to offer exciting new opportunities for developers, municipalities and community groups to explore innovative alternatives to the financially challenging golf course business of the 21st century.